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Bad Bunnies are 5,500 randomly generated, gamified NFTS, released from captivity to the Ethereum blockchain. Bail is set at 0.0275 ETH per Bunny. Free your Bunnies, create your crew and dominate the #$%* out of the underworld 🤘


Game on Bunnies! Match your Bunnies against the competition and see where they rank in Attack Power, Health, CTP (Cost to Play) and Special Move. Does your Bunny have Toxic Spray or the more common, Bite or Jump? Beautifully designed NFTs for now. Powerful in-game fighters to come!


The fighting rings are a tough place for a bunny but when you’ve got your gang behind you, there’s nothing you can’t do. The BRAWLERS, DIGGERS and CHOPPERS control the underworld and want to know, “WHOSE SIDE ARE YOU ON?!” Mint your Bunnies and discover where your allegiance lies.


Assemble A CREW OF 8 BAD BUNNIES from the same gang and all 8 tiers and be one of the first 30 crews to receive a guaranteed top tier CAPO (CAPOS control Match Fixing, our evolution mechanic). Want to evolve a Bunny? Bring your ETH to the council of CAPOS and they’ll make sure your new Bunny comes out a winner!

All Capos have now been appointed - You can kiss the ring! 💍


All Bunnies are BAD. BADASS!

The street level BUCKS are in the thick of it taking hits and bruises for the team and it shows! The BOUNCERS control the fighting rings and the flow of carrots up the food chain. BRUISERS control the gangs and always keep plenty of the orange for themselves. And the BIGWIGS sit fat and free on top of the spoils.


The TCG (Trading Card Game) theme, gives the Bad Bunnies so many cool and creative options for our roadmap, it’s hard to know where to start! From rolling releases, such as new expansions (Expansion 01: The 3 Gods of the Underworld - a 33 card airdrop), to Booster Packs (Booster Pack 01: The Legend of the Golden Bunnies - a 100 x 3 Pack, special release) to physical cards, the physical TCG game and right up to the metaverse digital incarnation.

But that’s just the start. We’ll be working closely with the community to determine next steps and we will build this world together. It’s going to be fun 🤘 and isn’t that why we’re all here?!

Oh and we’re going to fast track merch


Why mint an NFT?

Firstly because it’s fun! If you like a project and love their art, then it’s a really fun process finding out which NFT you will randomly get and discovering the rarity and traits of your NFT.

How do I NFT?

Metamask and Ethereum are words you may not have heard of until recently. Metamask is your digital wallet for your crypto and NFTs. You can use their Chrome extension (found here) or download their app. Buy some Ethereum on Metamask or transfer from another exchange and you’re all set.

Where is my NFT?

After you’ve pressed MINT, your NFT is sent to your wallet and can most easily be found on You’ll need to create an account when you visit which will then link to your MetaMask wallet. Your new NFT can take some time to appear on OpenSea so we provide a preview image on successful minting just to tide you over until your NFT arrives.

I’d like to know a bit more?

Join our discord where our members chat about all things Bad Bunnies.


As a team we're absolutely passionate about NFTs now and for the future. Bad Bunnies represent everything we've ever wanted to do with art and design and releasing cool shit 🤘

c4nopener - product designer bunny with 15 years experience in the industry working on multi-million carrot projects

poopli - character designer and animator bunny who’s way with the carrot brush is second to none

bdub - when these two were painting flowers, this bunny was head down figuring out the meaning of 001010

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Sorry for any hassles! 🤘

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